DIGIPAINT – a relationship of painting and photography

Already the relationship between photography and painting has stabilized, after a long period of controversy, suspicion and contesting.

It is understood that there is a bidirectional, constant, equalizing coinfluence. The milestone changes of the 20th century differentiated the relationship of art with the social body and the stance of the public towards Art as well.
Art acquired a new vocabulary and role. Now the oversimplified concurrence of art and beauty that was dominant in the distant past, has been limited to the world of entertainment. Art is now a social tool.

Painting and photography overcame the distrust of abstraction, which is the most defining change in art. The creators and the public have been liberated… Now, works of art derive as products of the mind! The unification of arts, in role and context, that in the second quarter of the 20th century Bauhaus accomplished bridged the distances, defined the relationships and abolished arrogance. It is recognized and evident that there is a common area and a common role in arts…

Others by brush and colour, others by photosensitive surfaces and light, others in marble…others in movement, sound…

Digipaint in between the two, creates artwork and after the click of the photograph, the quest begins and it starts the scan with a process…, differentiation, additions… It creates a new image that is, as said before, the artwork. Timelessly art moves forward with different expressions, tools and materials. I would say that it is open to originality… response and acceptance… It has, but it is not valued fairly and equally… Everything around us is a result of useage… in calculation recognition will come… ALREADY the messages are positive… Denial, suspicion and devaluation will fade away and the acceptance will become a welcoming….!